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A bit overdue, but good news nonetheless...

So...this information is shamefully overdue, mostly because the first few days after it happened I was floating in a daze of joy, and the few days after that, I was working as a temp at Servco, which is enough to suck the heart and soul out of anyone.  However, if you can rewind your mental clocks back to Thursday (I told you I was overdue)...

I have a JOB!!!

So remember the job that I posted about first...the one that I thought I didn't have a chance in hell at getting?  Well...I got it!  The Expedia Local Expert job!  Although I can't think of myself being a Local Expert (caps required) on Hawaii yet, apparently that wasn't the most important component of the job.  Nope, the Japanese and customer service experience were what counted, and those are what I have!

If I get all the paperwork in for the job, I'll be able to start on Monday.  Tomorrow I'm going to go get a drug test done, and that should be everything necessary to get going right on time.

...Now, because I must, let me gloat a little bit!

The job pays 12.50 an hour, plus 10% commission of whatever tours, cruises, and tickets I sell.  I'm working at the Hyatt Regency (most likely) and get a full package of benefits, including a 401k with company match, vision, dental, and medical insurance.  And, best of all, since I'm working for Expedia, I get an employee discount on airfare and hotel reservations!  How incredible is this!

Three weeks and two days after I moved, this happened.  During my lunch break, of all things.  Expedia contacted me on Wednesday asking to set up a second interview (by phone this time) to talk to me more about the job.  On the same day, a job that I'd previously interviewed for also asked for me to come in for a second interview.  On Thursday, I set up the second interview at the other job, and then called Expedia.

They didn't want a second interview.  They wanted to give me a job offer!  And after hearing all the details, I accepted!

I spent the next few days floating in a haze of


And then had to go back to work at my current temp job, which I will work the rest of this week.  So my total days of unemployment, out of 28 days of being in Hawaii, have been 6.

Using my Japanese.  Working in a beautiful place.  Reliable, full-time job.  $500 a week.  Every time I consider it, I think I may cry.

This is proof that I can do whatever the hell I want with my life.  If I managed this, anything else is a piece of delicious, chocolate raspberry cake.
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