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Oh, holy Jesus.  I just got my first interview!!  It's for this position:

Expedia Local Expert™ (ELE) is actively seeking motivated, customer-focused, team players to join our Concierge team on Oahu.

If you love travel, are passionate about customers, consider yourself an expert on all things Hawaii, and are seeking a career with the world's largest online travel company, here's your opportunity to join the team!

The Position - The Concierge is responsible for assessing customer needs and selling attractions and activity tickets that ensure a memorable vacation experience. Qualified candidates bring proven sales and high-touch customer service skills to the team. The Concierge is knowledgeable about the local area and is the expert on the attractions, tours and activities that we sell. As a member of the team they uphold the ELE promise to “delight every guest by sharing my passion and local knowledge to arrange memorable experiences.” Bi-lingual English/Japanese strongly preferred.

The Team - ELE offers face-to-face personalized recommendations and assistance in booking events, activities, tours, attractions. We operate concierge and activity desks in nearly 100 hotels and other retail locations across Hawaii; in Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida, San Diego and San Francisco, California; and in the major resorts of Mexico.

So...I'm not so much an expert on all things Hawaiian, nor have I ever worked for a hotel service...nor is my Japanese vocabulary related to tourism very strong.  However, this is exactly the kind of job I came here looking for.  Besides, I was honest enough in my cover letter about my deficiencies.  But still, if I get this...that'll be just what I need!

Not trying to get my hopes up too high.  I'll study like it's a final exam this weekend, reviewing vocab, grammar, local attractions, events and whatever Expedia offers its clients.  And when I go to the interview on Monday, I'll look exactly like a professional concierge should look.  Other than that, not much else I can do.

Wow.  I only applied for the job yesterday.

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