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First Hawaiian Update!

So, yeah.  I'm living in Hawaii!

So far, I like it.  Not gonna lie, but there have been long moments where I wake up and think, "What the heck am I doing here?  Was all this really necessary?"  And then I remind myself that yes, this was necessary, and yes, everything is going to turn out all right.  In illustration of that fact, I had an interview this morning at the staffing company that Debbie works for, and with the exception of needing to get my kpm up a little bit, I'm qualified to do basically anything they get sent their way.  So hopefully I have the means to pay my bills until something better offers.  YAY!

My days go by pretty quietly, although when I do go places I MUST remember to take my camera.  For example, yesterday in an ultimately futile exercise, I went to get a HI state ID.  It was futile because they required proof of residence, which no one told me about until I got there.  They told me it was fine, that they could put an old address on the card until I had proof, when they would just go ahead and change the address.  Unfortunately, they didn't tell me they would need to have me pay again until after the card was made. 

But that wasn't the point.  The state offices were right next to the 'Iolani Palace, which is the only royal residence in the entire US.  It was indeed very pretty...I hope Debbie and I can go there and tour it this weekend.  Also in the area was the library (Again, can''t get a card until proof of address is achieved!), the state capitol (a very post modern-y building with a gorgeous mosaic) and the Kamehameha statue.  Yes, you DBZ lovers, it came from Hawaii first!

However, I have no pictures to share.  :(  Which is why next time I must take my camera.

Living in Hawaii is quite similar to life in Japan.  There's Japanese everywhere, you can hear the language spoken all the time, the grocery store I shop at is a Japanese get the picture.  There are many times when I'm the sole Caucasian person in a store/on a bus, etc., and that's going to take some getting used to.  Again.  Hawaii is remarkably similar to a foreign country, but at least English is the official language.

I job hunt for around 3-4 hours a day, take walks for various places (today I want to walk up and down the canal outside our house), but walking here makes my feet swell, chafe, and get altogether very painful.  I think I will need to get either a pair of nice sandals or sneakers, but I'm so leery of spending money at all that I figure I'll probably put it off.  But I have serious blisters everyday that need popping and bandages.

Bleh.  Money is quite tight.  I wanted to have two months of rent plus expenses by the time I moved, but that's dwindled to about one month's rent and expenses.  So I need to get money flowing in, and soon!  Otherwise massive problems.

Can't even think about that.  Only good things will happen, only good.

...But now I've terrified myself into going job hunting immediately.

Sorry I'm never on AIM, but since we've got no internet in the house, I have to steal Debbie's computer.  We should have house internet in another week and a half though!  Huzzah!
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