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Days to Go: 11!

I'm going offline down here in VA.  I'm leaving tomorrow for the Albany area and will have to rely on other people's computers, but that's okay.  Thank God and vacuum bags, but everything fits and fits snugly.  I've even discovered an ingenious way to get my bridesmaid dress into the city...vacuum bag it!  Although, to avoid lots of wrinkles, I won't do that until I have to get into the city for the event itself.  Until then it can ride around, fully inflated (it's like a boat really, it's so voluminous!).

Ugh, I'm tired.  Gotta finish my carry on bags before I drop.  Moving is sooooooo tiring!

Anywho, I'll be seeing a whole bunch of you very soon!  Elly in Albany, Brendan and Dan in NYC.  This'll be fun!

Days till Wedding: 8

Days till Hawaii: 11
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