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There are days when I hate myself...and here's one!

Ugh, I'm so upset with myself.  I thought that by this time I'd have my room all nice and neat, be sorting through stuff that I want to get rid of, have talked to everyone I needed to talk to, and have started being on top of things.  Meanwhile, my room's a disaster area, I feel nasty because I slept on the floor and woke up early only to stagger to my parents' bed (it's the only one in the house) and then only woke up at one.  I feel just gross and lazy and I'm angry because I need to get on top of a lot of things.  And so far I just haven't.  BLEH. 

Meanwhile, all I wanna do is sequester myself in my room and get things done, but my parents are both home and I feel guilty not hanging around and spending time. 

All right, enough whining.  Since I got up so late today, I'm gonna be up until who knows when anyway, so I do have the time.  Between today and tomorrow, I must:

1) Straighten up bedroom
2) Sort keep/go books
3) Sort keep/go movies
4) Email Amina
5) Review the apartments that Debbie has picked out
6) Revamp resume/write cover letter
7) Take movies and books to used book store
8) Sort out Fauquier bank account problems
9) Purchase CD case (for DVDs) and space bag, to try
10) Get head on straight

I should have met mom during her lunch today, and of course I slept right through it, like a good daughter.  I haven't called or emailed anyone that I should have either.  I've just been sleeping and bumming around the house, and I have got to get my shit together or I'm just gonna be one big fat mess.  ARHADSHFOAIDFNAED.

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I spent the last five minutes trying to figure out how to pronounce "Fauquier." "Fahk-weer! Faux-queer! Fow-qwuire! ARGH"

Anyways, good luck! We're all in the getting-shit-together mode together.