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Not enough hours in a day...

Geez, but it's been a long time!

So...I'm doing well.  In fact, I'm doing so well that I feel as though I barely have time to look up and around.  Last week I worked six days, and was almost on track to work that again this week, but Jason (my manager) switched around the schedule so I'm off on Christmas day (huzzah!) and am instead working Saturday.

Meanwhile, technical difficulties still abound.  I've got no idea if I can enroll for benefits this year, which means that tomorrow, come hell or high water, I'm sitting down with Wendy (our super nice HR lady) and ironing this whole thing out.  I'd like to get my 401K started, and having another set of insurance wouldn't bother me either.

Half of the reason I'm so busy all the time is that I'm not just working, I'm also spending lots of my spare time (one day each week, so far) doing our tours.  Now, not complaining, because I've taken a tour around the island, been to the Polynesian Cultural Center, and on a frickin' HELICOPTER tour, all for free.  And more is yet to come, of course.  But that takes up a lot of my time and energy both.  Also, somehow, within the four weeks I've been working, I've become one of the primary briefers, and that means I'm sometimes the only one in the office who knows what to do. 

I've got so many balls in the air sometimes...oh well.  Things should quiet down around the new year, and then I'll be much less frazzled.  But right now, everything I've got to be aware of is just slightly overwhelming.  I'm often just exhausted by the time I get home.  However, I really like Jason, my manager, and he really looks after me, which is nice.

And it's lovely to be pulling down some really good money.  Being the briefer, I get an extra $25 every time I make the brief.  That means an extra $125 a week, for just making a 30-40 minute speech.  Fine by me!

Hawaii taxes take a killer slice of all this, though.  Stupid frickin' Hawaii.

Um, there's not much point to this than to let everyone know I'm still alive.  I feel kinda disconnected from everyone's life...I know it's my fault, cause I'm so rarely on AIM...but drop me a line guys, lemme know how you're doing!

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