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First week on the job and other news

This week has been a bit tough to get through. My job is cool, but some of my coworkers are not as much.

I'm an Expedia Local Expert, working as a concierge (or I will be, once they give me a desk!) and I'm killing myself with memorization about hotel, restaurant, and tour locations, because I go live in another week.

There are two halves to this job. Each concierge sometimes works as a 'briefer', a person who gives talks every morning about the activities that Expedia offers, and who makes calls in the afternoons to get people to attend these free breakfast briefings. The other half of the job is actually working in the lobby of the hotels as a customer service concierge who books activities.

I'm shadowing the briefers, right now, and that's the job I'll be doing in another week, while my trainer goes on vacation. I'm calm right now, although if you ask me in other week, I know I'll be panicking! This past week was my first week on the that'll be two weeks before I have to know how to make tour reservations, talk about 27-30 activities for 30-45 minutes, answer all questions, and generally act like I know everything there is to know about the Waikiki/Honolulu area, and the Oahu island.

The job comes with awesome benefits, though. Since I'm selling these activities, I get to go on them (and take friends) for free! Expedia offers over 400 least I'll never get bored! I also get discounts on hotel rooms, etc., through Expedia. They'll also pay for me to go back to school...I lucked out with this job! Unfortunately, even though my managers think I can do the job, some of my coworkers look down on me because I'm such a recent arrival to the state. I understand the attitude, but they don't know how hard I can and do work. And who knows? I may never do well enough to counteract the negative opinion of a newcomer taking the job of 'local expert'.

Since I go live so soon, I've really got to ramp it up! This job clearly involves lots of extra-curricular slow start for me, I'm in it right away.

Tomorrow I'm going to walk through Waikiki, visit the hotels and find out where their activity departure points are. More so than any other part of the job, learning these spots and being able to give directions to them is going to be the hardest part.
Wish me luck, guys!
(Pretty ironic music. Hopefully my journey won't be THAT long!)
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