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Heat and humidity get to you after a while...

I'm done with job apps for today.  Seriously, no more!

It's really warm here...86 and humid.  But being as it's just around 2-ish, the sun is still too high to go anywhere.  So right now I'm hanging around and watching episodes of Batman: the Animated Series.

My Ipod's broken, and there's an Apple store in the mall.  I have to go get it fixed eventually.  I also want to get a library card, but right now it's soooo warm, I just don't want to go anywhere.  I also have to do a photobucket dump of Hawaii photos and FINALLY get the email I wrote LAST WEEK out to the family.  Anyone else who wants to be on my email list, just lemme know.

Maybe I'll just stay inside till it gets cool and then meander over in the direction of the mall.  Hmm...
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