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Ho hum

Bleh.  I have cavities that need to be filled.  How irritating is that?  Still, getting some done today, and hopefully I can get them all done before I need to get out of here.  All I wanted was a simple I have to deal with getting novacaine at least twice...I hate novacaine.

Anywho, other things are going well.  My eyes are not bloodshot for the first time in a long time, thanks to the eye drops my optometrist recommended.  When I saw her on Monday, she told me that I had dry patches on my corneas, probably due to stress, overwork and improper sleeping habits.  The liquidrops I'm using are so thick they're like jelly on my eyes, but hey...anything to avoid dry corneas!  That and I'm getting a hell of a lot more sleep.  I average around ten hours a night, yay!

The trip to the doctor yesterday was horrendous, although I'm in perfectly good health.  Pap smears are disgusting and surprisingly painful.  Still, I guess it's a good thing that I'll know I'm all healthy before moving away.

Meanwhile though, I'm just chillin', watching some Space: Above and Beyond which I love.  I wish they'd made a second season.  I have time for another episode before I have to make the hour-long slog into Manassas to see the dentist.

Anyway, that's just a brief update on things and stuff.

Days until Hawaii: 27
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