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Post vacation energy boost!

So life down here continues to go by reasonably quietly.  I've been making tiny baby steps in the direction of being ready to go, but there's so much to do that my room looks like a demolition zone and I don't even have all my stuff with me!  However, progress is being made.  I've sold a great deal of my books (which super bummed me out, but what else could I do, really?) and even with over $100 made from that, I still have three bookcases of books I just can't live without.  Mom has assured me that she'll pack and ship whatever I want, but still...I feel guilty to saddle her with a ton (literally) of books.  Besides, my East Asian studies library (yes, it qualifies as a library since it takes up five shelves of space!) can stay here until I go back to school.  UHawaii for graduate school, 2010 or 2011!

Anyway, just came back from a week with my mom, dad, and sister at Virginia beach.  Despite the sometimes horrid weather, it was lots of fun.  We went fishing on a party boat, and I caught a pufferfish!!  They're not as spiny as I thought they would be.  He looked so angry to be caught, waggling those little fins and blowing up until his eyes were almost entirely hidden.  He was a little fellow, though, so he got sent back to the briny deep, yar!  The weather had been so bad in the previous days that no one caught anything, really, since the bottom was so disturbed.

I also got hit on by/flirted with an army boy just returned from Iraq.  However, when we tried to hang out, the vibe was weird/creepy/massively irritating, so I told him basically not to call me and walked out.  Also went to see 9, which might have been better with more attention to the plot, but was all right to see and was something to do on a rainy evening.

I need still to contact Amina about more wedding plans, and have to arrange someone to help me get to La Guardia airport at 6 AM on the 13th of October after the affair.  I've had an eye exam, ordered a new pair of glasses, and am being bullied into having a physical and pap smear (UGH!).  However, I should be coming up (to Albany) either in the last week of September or the first week in October.  The latter is probably more likely.  I'm selling Elly my car, and then will probably hang out at my sister's house until the wedding, come back to her place after the wedding, and then see what I can do about getting to La Guardia thereafter.  Worst comes to worst, I'll ask Liz to drive me in that morning or I'll just take a bus into the city late the previous evening and catch a cab to the airport thereafter.

Being as I am myself, I'm also hardly ever at my computer, and I don't know how anyone's doing outside of LJ.  Being also that my house is where it is, I have no cell phone reception.  It's a bit lonely.  

Still, when I get up to Albany, things should be better.  Brendan, how've you been doing?  And has anyone heard from Dan recently?

I need to call people. 
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