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Oy.  So these past few weeks have been kinda hectic, and I've fallen off the whole "doing-things" bandwagon.  Also, had some problems with electronic devices.  As such, I have a new AIM account (my old one was hacked and then something happened where Trillian would not let me create a new identity and UGH!!!) *ahem*...I have a new AIM account:  greekione.  If you add me, please send me a message so's I can readd you.  I managed to salvage most of my old list, but still...and if you wanna make friends, this is a good time!

I also have a new cellphone number.  And...a new cellphone.  This one I'm not just handing out over LJ, so if you want it, email me at and lemme know.  If I know you IRL, send me your cell # at the same time, because chances are I didn't transfer it when I lost my phone.

And again I make my resolution to DO THINGS.  Ugh, it's getting old at this point!
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